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Berkeley Square Gin

Berkeley Square London Dry Gin is one of the World’s most luxurious gins, distilled by hand in small batches using copper still No. 8. Berkeley Square is hand crafted by the World’s oldest gin distillers with a tradition of distilling since 1761 and is an ultra smooth gin, good enough to sip neat.

Berkeley Square Gin is created using a unique method of ‘Bouquet Garni’ where the hand-picked botanicals, including Makrut Lime leaves , sage, lavender and basil are carefully wrapped in fine cotton muslin and then submerged in triple distilled spirit to help infuse the herbaceous aromas.

Berkeley Square is best savoured in a classic martini, it is good enough to be sipped neat on the rocks or mixed into cocktails. Berkeley Square can be enjoyed in the finest bars and restaurants in the World and is particularly popular around Berkeley Square in Mayfair